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Speech and language software requires specialized skills from trained experts. We use our world-class speech and language experience to solve your company's specific challenges. Cobalt is the leading provider of custom speech and language solutions.


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High Accuracy Speech Conversion

We help companies achieve extremely high levels of accuracy in transcribing speech to text, even in difficult settings (phone calls, voicemail, natural conversations, and more). 

We also provide excellent text to speech conversion. That means we create full featured natural language interfaces for your specific application - robots, heads-up displays, toys, personal assistants, smartphone apps, or anything else you can dream up.

Speech Processing and Analytics

We’re able to do everything from identifying the source of different sounds in a mixed audio sample (dogs barking, water running, gunshots, and more) to using voice analysis to identify the early onset of various diseases (dementia, stroke, depression or other diseases). 

Our technology can help you identify what people are talking about by drawing out important snippets like phone numbers, dates, and relationships. It can also tell you about who they are by identifying the gender, age, regional accents, and level of education. 

The best part


The major commercial labs (such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, or Amazon) are dedicated to the products of those companies. Since Cobalt is independent, we work for you.


Our Partners

We tailor our speech models for every unique case and application on whatever hardware is required. 
Here are some of our trusted partners:

Your speech and language needs are unique. We can help.