Business as Usual at Cobalt

Submitted By: Anonymous

We are concerned about the disruptions and challenges that COVID-19 has introduced around the world, and pray that our friends, employees, and customers will remain safe. Generally, the virus has not affected us at Cobalt; we have always been a virtual company, and it’s nothing new for us to work from home (although many of us now have the company of additional family members working & studying alongside us).

Ironically, perhaps, concern over the virus flared substantially just as we all gathered in Florida for one of our occasional company workshops. Here we are, posing for our company picture, trying to stay arms-length from each other.

To our customers and potential customers, our primary message is this: We are here for you. We know that many of you are responding to the current crisis as an opportunity to shift to increased automation, and we are energized by the call to action. Lean on us; we will help.

Stay safe and be well.