Partner with Cobalt

Cobalt is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with voice. Cobalt’s Partner Ecosystem is made up of some of the best technology vendors today. Join us in our Partner Program and open up a new world of possibilities by adding voice to your offerings

Partner Programs

Cobalt offers four types of partner programs. 

Our Partners

VoiceScript is a legal technology company with service as its core value. We own and continue to develop some of the industry’s most advanced legal support technologies, offering the industry a broad set of solutions that directly improve the value of digital court reporting products and outsourced services to large and small reporting agencies alike.

Canary’s patented technology screens for mood, stress, and energy levels using a single 20-second audio clip. We’re bringing seamless, non-invasive healthcare screening to every patient who needs it, everywhere

Conversational AI & Automation Platform OmniBot develops scalable voice assistants and chatbots for virtually any use case to improve your service and efficiency, save costs and focus on your core business.

RedShred’s mission is to make all documents understandable and usable for people and machines. Put Document Understanding to work using talented and patent-pending technology, RedShred structure to unstructured content so developers and data scientists can easily access the data they need to build the models and applications of the future.

SP2 Corp is a data technology company based in Brazil with operations in Latin America. We help businesses in the region to optimize their operations with data treatment, business intelligence and customized speech solutions in several languages, including Portuguese and Spanish. Our partnership with Cobalt is backed by a common passion for innovative and cutting-edge voice and speech technology solutions.