Privacy Screen TM

Share your data while safeguarding customer trust.

With the latest advancements in machine learning, Cobalt Privacy Screen takes data protection to the next level by detecting, redacting, and replacing personally identifiable information based entirely on context. Now, you can confidently share your data while safeguarding customer trust and complying with major legislation like GDPR, CPRA, and HIPAA.

Why Choose Cobalt Privacy Screen?

1. Comprehensive Detection: Our cutting-edge engine can identify over 50 types of personally identifiable information, ensuring your sensitive data stays secure.

2. Lightning-Fast Processing: Processing an impressive 70,000 words per second in 8 languages, Cobalt Privacy Screen is optimized for the idiosyncrasies of day-to-day conversations, making it a reliable choice for businesses worldwide.

3. Unmatched Accuracy: Achieving an outstanding 99.5% accuracy rate on data like transcripts and health records, you can rely on Cobalt Privacy Screen for precise and reliable results.

4. Multilingual Capabilities: With the ability to identify and redact text in 8 languages (with more languages on the way!), our solution is tailored to meet the needs of a diverse global audience.

5. Complete Data Ownership: Rest easy knowing that your data never leaves your infrastructure. Cobalt Privacy Screen allows you to retain full ownership, ensuring maximum data security.

Flexible and Easy to Use

Cobalt Privacy Screen offers flexibility in its deployment. It can be used as a command-line tool, operating on locally available files, or seamlessly integrated into Cobalt’s streaming speech-to-text engine to generate redacted transcripts of your live audio in real-time.

We’ve Got Your Privacy Covered

At Cobalt, we understand that privacy and the definition of personal information can be complex. That’s why our dedicated team ensures that our system works in full compliance with major privacy laws. With Cobalt Privacy Screen, you can have peace of mind, knowing your data is protected and handled with the utmost care.

Choose Cobalt Privacy Screen and embrace a new era of data privacy and customer trust. Safeguard your sensitive information while sharing it with confidence. Contact us today to learn more about how Cobalt Privacy Screen can elevate your data protection strategy.

Cobalt VoiceBio TM

Enhance Security with Cobalt VoiceBio: Your Ultimate Voice Biometrics Solution

Looking for an extra layer of security to protect your business? Look no further than Cobalt VoiceBio – the cutting-edge biometrics analyzer that can identify who is speaking by enrolling voiceprints of known customers and employees. With this powerful tool, you can authenticate your customers, employees, and partners faster, ensuring top-notch security for your organization.

Why Choose Cobalt Voice Biometrics?

1. Fast and Efficient Authentication: Say goodbye to cumbersome questions and lengthy authentication processes. Cobalt VoiceBio streamlines the authentication process, saving time for both your customers and employees.

2. Multi-Factor Authentication: For maximum security, Cobalt VoiceBio can be combined with passcodes or other credentials, creating a robust multi-factor authentication system.

3. Improved Customer Experience: By reducing the need for customers to repeatedly authenticate themselves, Cobalt VoiceBio enhances the overall customer experience, making interactions smoother and more seamless.

4. Flexible Deployment: Cobalt VoiceBio can be deployed in a way that suits your organization best. Whether it’s embedded on your device, on-premise, or in your private cloud, you have the flexibility to choose the setup that works for you.

Your Security and Privacy are Our Priority

At Cobalt, we understand the importance of security and privacy. That’s why Cobalt VoiceBio can be configured to run on a local server, ensuring that your users’ voiceprints stay safe and protected, away from the hands of third-party speech companies.

Say Hello to Enhanced Security

Upgrade your security measures with Cobalt VoiceBio and take advantage of voice biometrics to authenticate users with ease and efficiency. Safeguard your business and enjoy a hassle-free authentication process for your customers, employees, and partners.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to strengthen your organization’s security. Contact us today to learn more about Cobalt VoiceBio and how it can revolutionize your authentication process.

Use Cases / Examples

Cobalt VoiceBio has two main uses:

Speaker Identification

In this case, we have a population of known customers or callers.  We create voiceprints for everyone. When a new audio stream is received, Cobalt VoiceBio compares it against the voiceprints on file and reports on the best match.

Speaker Authentication

With speaker authentication, a user creates a voiceprint through a short enrollment. Later, Cobalt VoiceBio can verify whether a new audio stream is from the same speaker, and show a red or green alert to a contact center agent to indicate how many verification questions they need to ask. This greatly reduces the time spent authenticating, particularly after transfers or calls back.


A home automation company wanted to integrate spoken language controls & voice biometrics in their devices. However, most off-the-shelf solutions are either too expensive or not customizable for their specific needs.


They came to Cobalt to develop a roadmap for a solution that they could develop themselves or in partnership with Cobalt based on their requirements.


Engaging With Cobalt has allowed them to have an option to own a solution tailor-made for their industry & needs


Cobalt Voice Biometric

Cobalt Speech Intelligence TM

Get to Know Your Speakers with Cobalt Speech Intelligence!

Want to uncover valuable insights about your speakers? Look no further than Cobalt Speech Intelligence – the ultimate speaker classification tool that can model various characteristics of the speaker, giving you a deeper understanding of your users.

Get to the Heart of Your

Users With Cobalt Speech Intelligence, you can dig into your speaker’s demographic information, including age, gender, and regional accent. But that’s not all! This amazing tool goes beyond the basics and can even tell you the speaker’s current state of mind – whether they’re feeling happy, stressed, tired, or even a bit tipsy.

Real-Time Insights for Success

Imagine having real-time information about your customers’ emotions and agitation levels during a support call. Cobalt Speech Intelligence makes it possible! Customer support agents can receive instant feedback, enabling them to take the right actions to turn a potentially negative interaction into a successful one.

Spot Employee Burnout Before It's Too Late

Cobalt Speech Intelligence isn’t just for customers; it’s also a game-changer for supervisors! By detecting stress and fatigue levels in employees, supervisors can intervene before burnout becomes a problem. Keep your team happy, healthy, and performing at their best.

Seamless Integration, Powerful Results

Cobalt Speech Intelligence seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, providing you with a user-friendly and powerful tool to enhance your interactions and experiences.

Unlock the potential of speaker characterization by voice with Cobalt Speech Intelligence. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to real-time insights. Take your customer support and employee management to the next level with this groundbreaking technology.

Ready to explore the world of speaker characterization? Contact us today and let Cobalt Speech Intelligence revolutionize the way you interact with your speakers. Trust Cobalt for unparalleled insights and success!