Healthcare, Hospital and Medical Devices

Increasing Patient Care, Engagement and Experiences

Cobalt is using the latest advancements in speech technology to help enhance the patient and physician experience. Our AI-powered solutions are helping lighten the load for care teams in a variety of ways.

Virtual assistants for hospital staff: Cobalt’s Interact system can be integrated into custom wearable devices to support your medical staff and provide hands-free access and input to medical information, messages, and other vital notifications. 

Voice Interaction for AR surgical tools: We can supplement your AR surgical tools with holography to visualize the organs being operated on. The conversational interface allows for customized acoustic and language models to achieve high recognition accuracy for controlling the AR tool, even in a noisy operating room with voices muffled by surgical masks.

Cobalt’s Speech Intelligence engine can be used to determine many factors being presented based on voice characteristics, like speed of speech, pain indication, labored breathing and many other indicators to help medical staff focus efforts more quickly.

Cobalt’s toolset can summarize interactions as well as detect certain words or phrases being presented by the patient and even formfill EMR/EHR systems. Our tools can give back valuable medical personnel time to increase patient engagement and patient experience.


Wearable AI Assistant: Clinical Communication


A Clinical Communication leader wanted to introduce a first-of-its-kind integrated hardware-software product medical staff could use for hand-free access and input medical information, messages and other notifications.


After extensive market research, the company used Cobalt for its Alexa-like voice system that accesses electronic medical records and other hospital system.


Partnering with Cobalt has significantly shortened company’s go-to-market timeframe and it is expected to generate millions in net new revenue.