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Customer Experience Improvement Requires Strategic Technology

Want to better protect your client’s data by adding a security layer of authentication?

Cobalt has built speech and voice products that provide the contact center with Voice Biometrics to reduce fraud and escalate your ability to authenticate faster and better with their voiceprint.

Are you concerned about some words or phrases being uttered by callers and employees?

Cobalt can provide specialized word and phrase detection to give better feedback in real time creating a better customer experience.

Many contact centers have been adding some level of Call Automation to alleviate load on contact center staff allowing them to focus on more advisory or revenue generating activities. In fact, you may be looking to augment staff or looking for help after hours and seasonal or surge times, then ask us how our Cobalt Interact system can help you.

Maybe you are finding you are not able to QA enough calls that lead to churn or better agent coaching. Cobalt has tools like transcription at scale, privacy and security voice intelligence and more that can be incorporated into your existing tech stack.

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Real Time & Post Call Speech Analysis


A large call center analytics company wanted real-time speech analytics to sports keywords & phrases during call, as opposed to just in post-call QA or batch mode, like most other. However they could not find or buid a solution that met their standards of performance & accracy.


The company liseenced Cobalt’s real-time & post-call speech analytics, along wit some language models for new geographies & languages.


This is an immediate success & is currently generating a growing new revenue accross multiple clients & geographies.