Cobalt Speech and Language extending limited-time application for a free trial speech recognition technology

Cobalt Speech and Language CEO, Jeff Adams, says: “After seeing the incredible response to our free trial offering, we have decided to extend the application deadline an additional 30 days. Our team is thrilled with the response, and I personally am excited to see the great solutions that will be built on top of our state-of-the-art speech recognition technology.”

Adams is inviting companies and academic institutions to apply for a 100-day free trial of state-of-the-art speech recognition technology – Cobalt Transcribe*. Cobalt Transcribe was built by a highly skilled team of developers and speech scientists and offers countless benefits: a system customizable to your needs, better error rates, enhanced customer experiences and increased accessibility for individuals with disabilities, among many other benefits.

Cobalt Transcribe is a state-of-the-art speech recognition system that provides fast, accurate speech recognition. Cobalt Transcribe is a highly flexible system that can run on-premise, in your private cloud, or fully embedded on your device. Your data–both the audio and the transcripts–never leave your control.

The application is available here: and will be open for a limited time. Companies and academic institutions large and small with interest in applying speech transcription to their workflows, products or devices are encouraged to apply. We are so confident you will like our Speech Recognition that we invite you to try it out free!

*Free trial includes full access (not a limited version) to Cobalt Transcribe Hybrid, US English 8kHz or 16kHz models, for Linux platforms and x86-64 architectures.

About Cobalt: Cobalt is reshaping the way businesses and individuals approach speech and language barriers by bridging the gap and providing state-of-the-art speech technologies. Its mission is to bring the world together by leveraging the infinite benefits of AI. Cobalt Speech has been at the forefront of technological research and continues to provide world-class speech and language solutions for small and large businesses.