Grateful Company

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We at Cobalt have been contemplating the Holiday Season and the things we are thankful for during this time of the year.  Coming from all over the world, we see many needs and in our own ways, try to fulfill them, whether they be through our own personal goals or through our work at Cobalt.  Five years ago, Jeff Adams, started Cobalt with one purpose in mind:

“We will hire world-class speech and language scientists and engineers. We will develop our own, independent core software and tools, and we will use those tools to help build the dreams of everyone who needs that technology.  We will be the speech and language development partner for everyone who needs one.”

— Jeff Adams, Cobalt founder

 During this season we would like to share some of the things we are thankful for:

“I am so grateful for the people at Cobalt who have been such generous colleagues.  Over the last three years, my interactions with our brilliant technical team have allowed me to get right to the cutting edge of an exciting field.  And through that process, I’ve found a group of close friends I value greatly.”

— AF

“I have been impressed by and grateful to the Cobalt culture and a team that embraces the “how can I help” attitude.”

— BL

“I am very grateful to almighty God who has given me all the blessings without anyone compelling Him to do so. I am thankful to my family – my parents, wife, children, brother and sister who bring happiness to my life. I am indebted to Cobalt for giving me the opportunity to get the company of wonderful colleagues, to work on wonderful problems, to visit wonderful places, to help my family in a wonderful way, and to understand the wonderful meaning of life.”


“I’m thankful that I get to work with a diverse group of smart, motivated and capable people based all around the world, and that together we get to spend our days building cutting edge technology with our clients.”

— CB

“I am thankful for working together with great scientist and engineers at Cobalt. It is a very coherent, friendly, and productive team that is managed by excellent people, technical- and personality-wise. Ability to get involved in a variety of speech and NLP projects is an eye-opening and fun experience that lets me use my skills in different domains and continue advancing in the field. I feel very lucky to get to know the Cobalt team and do projects with them.”

— CD

“One of many things I’m thankful for at Cobalt is how intellectually curious all my coworkers are about many different things. Of course, I learn a ton about all things speech and language related, but even our non-work conversations are incredibly educational about anything from Korean history to Fermat primes to bread-making. Our CEO sets the tone for those kinds of explorations whenever we get together with his “Jeff time” talks over dinner in which he may teach us the secret meaning of “hickory dickory dock” or how to fold business cards into interesting geometric shapes. It is great fun to work with so many smart, diverse, witty people!”

— JS

“In the last few years, I’ve begun to realize what a privileged life I have been living. I am so thankful for that realization and am grateful for even the most basic things, especially, providing for the needs of my family, a safe home to live in, running water, etc.  I’m grateful for opportunities to give more by lifting and serving those people around me, from friends to complete strangers. My favorite thing lately is to see the genuine smile of someone I was able to help or who had helped me, and I’m grateful for every chance I get to see that.”

— JH

“I’m extremely grateful to be at Cobalt, which allows me to work on lots of different projects for different customers, and contribute to a state-of-the-art code base and push the envelope of what’s possible with human/computer linguistic interaction. It’s wonderful to see our technology helping so many different kinds of people, and it’s wonderful to have the freedom to experiment and do things that have never been done before.”

— JL

“I love being able to work with awesome people everyday.  I have a job I find interesting and look forward to, instead of dreading.  I am thankful for technology that simplifies our lives.  In creating that technology, I am thankful for company leaders who provide good jobs and benefits to employees.”

— MP

“I love the work I am able to do at Cobalt. Every day I get to tackle a new interesting challenge using state-of-the-art algorithms and technology—all from the comfort of my home office. I’m also grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to travel the world to attend conferences and workshops.”

— RL

“I’m thankful that Cobalt offers the flexibility to work from anywhere. I’ve recently come back from a month long trip to Japan which would not have been possible had I not been able to work from there some of the time. This flexibility also allows me to work where I want every day, not just when travelling, such that I do not have to move for my job and can pick the location of my home myself. A freedom few people enjoy today.”

— RD

“I am thankful for everybody in my life who has shaped, inspired, and supported me throughout ~ my grandparents & parents, my teachers, my friends and my colleagues. I am grateful to Cobalt for giving me the opportunity to work on & learn the things I enjoy. I will always cherish the friends and mentors I have here. From all the puns to the pull-requests, it continues to be an amazing experience.”

— SH

“I am very thankful and lucky to lead a fascinating and fulfilling life where I can continue learning and exploring the world around me. I am blessed with a beautiful family, great friends, and to be living in a great country that affords all the opportunity to succeed. I’m grateful to all the successes that I’ve had, and my failures. Both have played a significant role in shaping me into the person am I today. Happy Holidays!”

— VJ

“I’m thankful for the opportunity to work on many different challenging projects and to have an integral contribution in the products/services of several exciting companies. I’m thankful to have a job that that has a great work-life balance (working from home is ideal for me), provides challenging projects, and has many coworkers that are a pleasure to collaborate with and learn from.”

— SS

As I read these notes of gratitude.  It reminded me of why I am so thankful to be the “cat herder” of Cobalt.  When I started working at Cobalt a couple of years ago, I spoke with Jeff and asked him what he could do for my son, Andrew (a quadriplegic due to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy). He sat down with me and explained the science, the technology and the opportunities that technology could provide for people with not so average struggles in life. I am so thankful for that technology and the people who have a desire to use it to help others.

Through both our business and personal lives, we have learned what helping others can do to better our world.  Our team works every day to make someone’s life different and in some way easier.  We strive to be the speech and language development partner for everyone with a special need for custom products.  Products we hope can help you in some way.

Happy Holidays from the Team