Advanced Voice AI in Legal

AI-powered court reporting is revolutionizing the way legal proceedings operate. With the right solutions in place, legal agencies, attorneys and court reporters can deliver accurate word-for-word transcriptions of legal proceedings faster than ever before.

Cobalt’s industry-leading technology can cut traditional courtroom transcription costs by 30%-50% and decrease delivery time from weeks to hours.  Cobalt’s products are all developed with Privacy BuiltInTM. In other words, there is zero need to transfer secure information across the internet for processing. Our products are built to be operated in your data center, so your data stays your data. Period! Remote legal proceedings are becoming more and more common, and having accurate transcripts is vital. Our Speech to Text software can accurately identify different speakers, and provide an accurate, time stamped transcript, for both in-person and remote legal proceedings.


Speech Recognition: Courtroom Trancription


The Customer manually transcribed courtroom proceeding. They needed to automate without sacrificing accuracy to offer their clients a lower priced option.


They licensed Cobalt’s Speech Recognition engine and had Cobalt train it for legal domain-specific understanding using existing transcripts and audio to improve accuracy. 


The company’s new automated transcription offering powered by Cobalt reduces transcription costs by 30%-50% while slashing delivery from two weeks to a few hours!