Voice Technology for Video Conferencing

Submitted By: Anonymous

The past few weeks have seen the business world move en masse to online collaboration tools, in an effort to ensure public safety while trying to maintain growth. As more and more people are limited to working from home, it’s more important that they have efficient ways to keep up-to-date with their colleagues, and to collaborate on their shared work. Video conferencing apps are seeing record downloads, and podcasts are booming as hosts rush to create content to occupy those on lockdown. 

Cobalt, a pioneer in voice recognition technology, develops customized voice and language solutions to augment online collaboration tools. For providers of virtual meeting software, online collaboration, webcasting, webinar and audio/video conferences, voice technology can enhance existing product lines and offer additional value to users. 

Speech recognition technology enables automatic transcription of audio. Combined with diarization – or identifying who spoke when – the resulting transcript can provide a record of what happened in any meeting. This allows for easy archiving, search and retrieval, or for those who missed the meeting to catch up later. 

On top of this foundation, additional modules such as speech biometrics, speaker characterization, word spotting, voice-based meeting control and meeting summary can augment the experience further. These can be used to refine the output from the speech recognition, and provide additional insight like identification of the actual topics discussed, action items to be automatically captured, and important decisions to be logged. 

The technology is customizable to any lexicon or environment, is available across multiple languages, and can be deployed either on-prem, embedded or via cloud. Please get in touch if you would like to learn more about how Cobalt can help enhance your product offerings.