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Chatbots are personalized, conversations are transcribed in real-time, and your identity can be verified by just the sound of your voice.
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Automatic Speech Recognition Technology

Our industry-leading automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology allows you to easily add speech recognition technology to your applications with a 95% out-of-box accuracy rate.
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Customized Voice & Language Tech

Get customized technology to meet your specific organizational requirements. From speech to text, natural language processing and text to speech, we have a wide range of competencies to fit your needs.
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Staff Augmentation

We know how to build AI technology in an agile way, and can bring those ways of working into your organization while still integrating tightly with your existing infrastructure.


We work with you to customize our technology to your specific needs. Whether we’re building a speech recognition system that works in your product, a text-to-speech voice that runs on your specific hardware, or a conversational AI system for a unique interface.


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Impressions of working with Cobalt

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Jeff’s and Cobalt team’s extensive knowledge and capabilities allow us to innovate around the unique features of our sensor in a collaborative mode.
Eitan David  | VP of Products

Our Latest Posts

Jun 15, 2022
Close up of a woman, face and mouth, with letters floating across the screen. speech synthesis concept
By Rasmus Dall

We’ve previously written about one of our core technologies at Cobalt Speech & Language - automatic speech recognition (ASR). When you speak, the ASR system converts your spoken words into text. Another core technology at Cobalt is text-to-speech (TTS), or speech synthesis, which converts written words into spoken audio.

Jun 3, 2020
3 people talking with each other
By Arif Haque


Many people have used automatic speech recognition systems to transcribe audio to text, but there are a host of other items that it’s useful to identify from a stream of audio. One task in particular is called diarization - who spoke when? Knowing this information can help with a range of downstream applications. For example, in meeting summarization, knowing who said something means you can accurately make notes and allocate action items.