AI is changing the way we interact with the world.

Cobalt is reshaping the way businesses and individuals approach speech and language barriers by bridging the gap and providing state-of-the-art speech technologies. Its mission is to bring the world together by leveraging the infinite benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI),  Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU).

Cobalt’s cutting-edge technology enables voice user interfaces to provide hands-free support for websites, portals, equipment and devices and greater efficiency for people from knowledge workers to airplane mechanics to surgeons. 

What makes Cobalt Unique?


Innovation is at our Core. From Jeff Adams designing and building Alexa to our Voice User Interfaces systems.


Our systems don’t force you to operate for our technology, our technology morphs to your needs. We offer On-Prem, Batch, Streaming. Customizable and Embeddable on any operating system or device.

Privacy Built-InTM

Cobalt’s technology has been built with your privacy in mind including your voice or your customer’s voices. There is zero need to transfer your data to the cloud. In other words your data stays your data. Period!

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