Under The Hood: Speech Synthesis

Close up of a woman, face and mouth, with letters floating across the screen. speech synthesis concept

We’ve previously written about one of our core technologies at Cobalt Speech & Language - automatic speech recognition (ASR). When you speak, the ASR system converts your spoken words into text. Another core technology at Cobalt is text-to-speech (TTS), or speech synthesis, which converts written words into spoken audio.

Who Spoke When?

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Many people have used automatic speech recognition systems to transcribe audio to text, but there are a host of other items that it’s useful to identify from a stream of audio. One task in particular is called diarization - who spoke when? Knowing this information can help with a range of downstream applications. For example, in meeting summarization, knowing who said something means you can accurately make notes and allocate action items.

Cobalt at ICASSP

Barcelona, Spain

Last week, many of us at Cobalt "attended" the ICASSP (International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing) conference "in Barcelona".  The conference is one of the premier conferences for speech recognition and signal processing.  This year the conference had four times more "attendees" than any previous year.

Building Blocks of Voice Technology

Building blocks

With a set of simple building blocks, you’re only limited in what you can build by your imagination. The same is true with technology, if we think about building complex applications from simpler building blocks. 

Voice Technology for Video Conferencing

video calling from home

The past few weeks have seen the business world move en masse to online collaboration tools, in an effort to ensure public safety while trying to maintain growth. As more and more people are limited to working from home, it’s more important that they have efficient ways to keep up-to-date with their colleagues, and to collaborate on their shared work.

Business as Usual at Cobalt

Cobalt Speech employees

We are concerned about the disruptions and challenges that COVID-19 has introduced around the world, and pray that our friends, employees, and customers will remain safe. Generally, the virus has not affected us at Cobalt; we have always been a virtual company, and it’s nothing new for us to work from home (although many of us now have the company of additional family members working & studying alongside us).

Voice Pioneers? Voice Pioneers!

Project Voice logo

Jeff Adams speaking at ceremonyAn hour ago, I was sitting at a banquet table with some fellow Cobalters, listening as presenters at the Project Voice Awards presented awards to a variety of accomplished people and companies in our industry. There were awards for best automotive application, best Alexa skill, best journalist covering voice, and others.

Bringing Voice Technology to your Organisation

Talking to Alexa

Talking is a natural way for people to interact with each other. Small children can speak long before they can read, write, or type. People can carry on a conversation even when they’re busy doing other tasks. The introduction of virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google’s assistant have brought voice interfaces to the mainstream as a way for people to communicate with devices. These are popular with customers who love the ease with which they can be used.

How Can I Integrate Cutting Edge ASR Into My Company's Software?

software engineer

Now that you've learned how ASR systems work, and understand the business value of keeping control of your data and using models tuned for your use case, you might be wondering: "how can I integrate cutting-edge ASR into my company's software?"  The answer is to use Cobalt's Cubic engine, which can run on your own server, laptop, mobile or embedded device.  Cobalt's experts are always

Grateful Company

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We at Cobalt have been contemplating the Holiday Season and the things we are thankful for during this time of the year.  Coming from all over the world, we see many needs and in our own ways, try to fulfill them, whether they be through our own personal goals or through our work at Cobalt.  Five years ago, Jeff Adams, started Cobalt with one purpose in mind: