Cobalt Team in the News

Cobalt Founder Honored as Top Speech Technologist

Jeff Adams, founder of Cobalt Speech, was included in’s list of the top 11 technologists in speech.

How to Optimize For the Voice-Search Revolution

According to Synup and comScore, Inc., voice searches will account for 50% of all searches by 2020, and Google found that 72% of those who own a voice search device use those devices on a daily basis. What are the best ways to prepare your business for voice-search optimization? Jeff Adams and 12 additional experts share their thoughts and ideas.

Inventing Amazon Alexa with Jeff Adams of Cobalt Speech

Alexa in Canada invited Jeff Adams to share the story behind the story of Amazon's Alexa, the extraordinary steps taken to keep it a secret until it launched, and how Cobalt was founded to help other companies of all sizes reach their speech technology goals.

Jeff Adams CEO of Cobalt and Former Alexa Team Lead - Voicebot Podcast Ep 59

Jeff Adams was a recent guest on Voicebot's podcast discussing his career path, achievements (including leading the Amazon Alexa team), lessons learned along the way, and what inspired him to create Cobalt Speech.

What is the Inventor of Alexa Doing Now?

Rebellion Research interviewed Jeff Adams to learn about the genesis of Cobalt Speech, what we are doing now, and how he feels about the progression of the Natural Language Processing industry. 

Cobalt Speech a "Key Player" in AI Industry per Market-Global Industry Analysis

Click to review the report published by Transparency Market Research citing Cobalt Speech as a "key player" in the AI industry space now and well into the future. 


TechTarget: "Big data throws big biases into machine learning data sets"

Jeff Adams discusses ways to reduce bias in AI and machine learning.

Cobalt named "Star Performer" by Speech Technology Magazine

Scroll down to page 26 in the above link.  Cobalt is recognized as a leader in speech technology.  See also our sister company Canary Speech on page 25.

Jeff Adams Led the Team That Built Amazon Alexa, Then He Founded Cobalt

Jeff Adams discusses Cobalt with Brett Kinsella of